About Me




I really don’t know why sometimes deep changes in your life push me to strike a new path and I don’t know why sometimes there it has to be a life-threatening illness making me to think and find new or almost lost paths, but I know, that such deep changes in my life called up my passion to express my feelings in a very special way.


This passion is called painting and gives me the opportunity to process my hard fate and affiliated physical and psychical changes of my life. My touch with nature, the holistic view of the corresponding life situation and sport were also helpful.


I worked for many years in the social and medical branch, directly with patients as well as in the nursing management and as an executive I always tried to help people. Now I want to give people hope and joy by my art-works.


Now I use my freedom and courage, my feelings and thoughts, my dreams and wishes in the time of the moment being expressed in my paintings, moments, which hardly can be expressed by words. They are free of any cliché or compulsion. I picked up in my first exposition themes as “Die and Live”.


I am a self-educator. I learn with every new painting. I paint and collect experience from Scandinavian artists, learning to turn and cultivate those experiences by keeping them with my feelings and thoughts expressed in my paintings. This is not invariably successful – because the moment is multifaceted and sometimes rebellious. But with patience and using the right moment much can be achieved and so I hope to set the contemplator of my paintings in dreams and thoughts. 


The life offers us daily new surprises and changes. The same is in art-work and painting, thus there are infinite opportunities to express my self working with different colors, different techniques and materials. 


I use high quality artist colors and linen. Additional I use natural materials such as sand, clay, pebbles, or other materials. All these materials are crafted with different techniques on the linen.  

Joint with color pigments extraordinary paintings arise, showing you the beauty and light of life. 


My experiences on expositions in dialogues with the contemplators of my paintings as well as the personal know-how exchange with artists all over the world also are very helpful.


But on foremost there are my feelings, without which none of my paintings would have been born. That’s how that is born what impassions me. There is no right or wrong. Important is that I can identify myself with my paintings.



That I accept it…